So what is Westinghouse water treatment?

Pictured from left-to-right: Robert J. Schabes Jr. and Ben Bentley, founders of Solar City, which became The LeverEdge in 2001.

Glad you asked! To answer that question thoroughly, we’ll have to go back in time. At first, we’ll only go back about 30 years. The exclusive manufacturer of Westinghouse water treatment products is a company called The LeverEdge, whose base of operations is in central Florida. The LeverEdge has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of both residential water treatment and solar products for over 36 years. When the company first started it was the dream of two young partners to start their own business; a direct-sales business, out of their home in 1979. From those humble beginnings, The LeverEdge grew through the years, quickly expanding from a small direct-to-consumer sales company, to a regional product distributor, then a manufacturer, and ultimately a national manufacturer and distributor of the industry’s leading brands.

The LeverEdge and its subsidiaries understand the direct-to-consumer in-home sales business and the tools necessary to make a successful dealership; it’s part of our DNA. Big branding is a huge component of that toolbox. Having already made successful ventures into branding, The LeverEdge embarked on an aggressive campaign to secure a worldwide brand name with a strong reputation and a history tied to the U.S. That search led us to Westinghouse.

The Westinghouse Electric Company was founded in 1886. From a series of ground-breaking events such as winning the “War of the Currents” by beating Thomas Edison for the contract to light the Chicago World’s Fair with AC power in 1893, to capturing mankind’s first steps on the moon, Westinghouse has long been at the forefront of innovation.

More recently Westinghouse has developed a great portfolio of quality products and is focused on advancing Westinghouse into a new era. The LeverEdge is proud to team with Westinghouse, a company with an amazing history and a bright future.