Marketing Tools

water dealers
are better
for success
than any other.

A brand is so much more than just a logo. The role of the brand is to shape the thinking and actions of an entire company, resulting in competitive advantages in your market.

Our partnership with Westinghouse benefits our dealers by providing instant credibility through name recognition. But our support goes far beyond just a well-known name brand. We’ve developed an impressive library of assets to help our Westinghouse dealers corner the market in their territories.

Marketing and Lead Generation:

Professionally Produced Commercial

We tag the commercial with your company information so it is complete and ready to be used for television advertising as well as for online and in-home marketing. An extensive library of printed in-home sales materials are also available for our dealers.

Website Templates and Consumer Literature

We have designed customizable website templates for our dealers, so they can get up and running with their businesses as quickly as possible while presenting a professional online appearence. Additionally, we have a full range of top-quality consumer literature that won’t be matched by any other products in the industry. The web templates and literature adhere to Westinghouse brand standards, which provides credibility and takes the guesswork out of marketing for our dealers.

In-Home Sales Presentation Provided

All Westinghouse dealers are provided with an in-home presentation book, which is available in printed or digital form. We also provide sales aids and a demonstration kit is available for purchase to ensure our dealers are fully equipped for sales success.

Display Ad Retargeting Campaign

As another part of our ongoing and ever-growing effort to build awareness and drive traffic to the right sources in order to generate more leads for our dealers, visitors to any of the Westighouse water websites are periodically shown Westinghouse water ads as they visit thousands of other Google partner websites.

Customized Trade Show Backdrops

10-foot trade show backdrops are pre-designed and able to be customized with your company information.

Co-op Program through our Manufacturer

All Westinghouse dealers have a special Co-op program through The LeverEdge, our manufacturer. Dealers use their Co-op dollars for any of the marketing expenses that we’ve detailed on this page and more!

Active, Targeted Social Media

We maintain targeted and relevant content which is intended to build brand awareness and create leads through a variety of social media sites. Dealers are encouraged and trained how to share Westinghouse posts on their own social media platforms.

Nationwide Radio and Digital Ad Campaign

For a Westinghouse-sponsored 7-week campaign, 30-second radio spots were aired at CBS radio stations across the country, along with digital ads and our Westinghouse water video as a “pre-roll” before visitors to CBS News and Sports websites viewed regular content.