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Just because it's not out in the open, doesn't mean it shouldn't be well designed. Westinghouse believes you should want to show off all your products, even the ones in the basement.


Innovative Features from Westinghouse

Eco Flow

EcoFlow Regeneration refers to the self-cleaning process of the Dynamic Series Westinghouse refiner. The regeneration is computer controlled in order to maximize the efficiency of the cleaning process.

Unique 7 Step Cleaning Sequence

One of which is the most unique. A low electric current is sent through two built-in titanium plates which cause a molecular reaction creating a special cleansing solution. This decontamination solution effectively inhibits bacteria growth within the media bed.

Refined Cleaning

Refined Water Brining is a feature of the Dynamic Series. Cleaning the system with treated water extends the life of the filtering media and ensures optimum water refining quality and capacity.

Calendar Override

The Calendar Override ensures the refiner is kept in a fresh clean state, even when it's not in use. This feature enables the system to go into regeneration after a predetermined number of days, even if the metered water usage hasn't triggered an automatic regeneration. This is very helpful during periods of non-use or low use.

1' Controller

With a minimum of a 1" Controller and Distributor, Westinghouse whole house refiners enjoy very high flow rates enabling them to keep up with high levels of water usage in the home.


When your Westinghouse technician installs your new refiner he will program the computer valve with many water quality and system capacity settings. These settings are stored in NOVRAM – non-volatile memory, just like your home computer. So if the system loses power, even for days, or weeks, no service call will be required to reprogram the system once power is restored.

Back Up Power

Speaking of power, Westinghouse Dynamic refiners provide their own Capacitor to back up their power should power be lost. Less sophisticated systems require batteries, which inevitably wear out if they aren’t changed annually.