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Learn how you can save your family money, and yourself time, simply by installing a Westinghouse Water Refiner in your home.

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Water is essential to all life. So Westinghouse takes the task of purifying it very seriously.


Your water may taste bad, look bad, and even feel bad. It may cause a variety of challenges throughout the home that lead to aggravation and expenses. So what can be done about this?


The Westinghouse family of water refiners works around the clock, ensuring that your entire house receives the trouble-free benefits of refined, clean, and soft water.

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Our commitment to providing only the highest quality, industry-leading water purification solutions extends through our carefully selected network of authorized dealers.

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Westinghouse water treatment products all share one thing in common, inventive technologies that simplify the process of water purification while providing long-lasting, reliable performance

Westinghouse is built upon a tradition of dependability and innovation. Today, we strive to make everyday life a little better by offering a wide range of quality products and services you can trust.

explore our history

explore our history

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